Sandless Process of Wood Flooring Restoration

Should your hardwood floors have misplaced their shine, began to have surface area scuffs and scratches, or merely require some cleansing and sprucing up then sandless resurfacing might be just what you will need. This method is effective for all types of hardwood flooring together with; reliable unfinished (floors which were concluded on site), sound pre concluded (floors that were purchased presently completed in a very manufacturing unit), and engineered wood floors. According to the form of wood flooring you have this process may vary a little bit.

I’ll cover the expected ways for each type of flooring.

* Bona brand “Prep” or Basic Coatings brand “Tycote” (these are generally etching alternatives that help make sure a brand new coating will bond to the floors – note: only needed for pre completed reliable or pre completed engineered floors)

* A wooden floor end that is definitely compatible together with the etch product; should you are getting the Bona product or service I’d recommend Bona Site visitors Hd complete or Bona Woodline finish, or if you obtain the Primary Coatings Tycote, I’d suggest their Street Shoe Finish.

* Floor Buffer – You are able to rent a flooring buffer at virtually any software rental retail store and at some house enhancement suppliers. If you’ve never ever ran an ordinary buffer chances are you’ll consider receiving a sq. buffer as these vibrate in lieu of oscillate.

* Vacuum – I recommend a single that has a gentle bristle or smooth felt brush.

* MicroFiber Dust Mop

* Applicator – I like to recommend an 18″ t-bar design and style software created by Duratool. Lambswool applications, and scaled-down nap paint rollers also can get the job done for this.

* Brush – I want the foam design 3-4″ broad brushes .

* Buffer Pad – White Pads (1-2) also offered at resource rental keep (more red or maroon pad if you have pre finished engineered or pre finished reliable floors)

* Sanding Screen 150 or 220 grit – These are also observed at device rental suppliers or on-line. Another to these are Norton model sand dollars buffer pads.


The initial issue you are going to choose to do is prep the place you might be performing. You are going to would like to clear away all furnishings and another products that are on the flooring you might be performing. It is also a smart idea to use some painters tape to tape off the baseboards, and also to tape off adjoining surfaces/floors that you want to protect. You might also desire to dangle up some plastic movie in doorways that can help comprise the dust established. You can also would like to clean the floors and make sure that there are no items of particles as these items could get caught beneath the buffer and scratch the floors.


Just after prepping the place now it truly is time to buff the flooring. Just take the white buffer pad and set in within the bottom in the buffers generate head. Then put the sanding display screen beneath the white pad (the display is what you’d like to get touching the floor). Now start out the buffer and relocating in the back and forth motion buff above the flooring seeking to go with the grain in the wood. Attempt to cover every inch on the flooring pretty nicely.

Immediately after buffing the flooring now you desire to consider a employed bit of the sanding screen and evenly hand sand in areas of the ground the buffer wouldn’t reach for example corners, under cabinets, below radiators and so on. This really is only to also etch the floor of such parts also.